Honesty is the best policy.

Summer research is over.  My data has been collected.  And now begins the stage called analysis.

Analysis is great and horrible.

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Word to the Wise

The Lego Movie has a song in which Batman rages in mock-screamo tones about his origin story.


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You gotta have friends.

The viral concentrates have been made.  They are ready to be run in RAPD.  This is exciting.  I called my mom when I finished my last sample and expressed a similar enthusiasm to a father whose baby has just been born.

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A dreary reality.


I’m fairly certain I’ve made a post about the subject every summer I’ve been here.

Monotony is the dreary reality of science that no one likes to address.  I work with viruses.  I work with water.  I work with soil.  To study all of these things I have to produce viral concentrates on the regular.  This is inevitable.  This is what I do.

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And it begins.

This is most likely my last summer doing research at the College, which is incredibly strange.  So much of my experience at William and Mary has been defined by my research experience, so knowing that in a few weeks my summers of work here will be at an end is really saddening.  As a senior, everyone that I joined my lab with has graduated.  Lab work is colored as much by the people you do it with as the work you produce.  Being here without my old buddies is, yet again, strange.  This is my last summer, and it is very different from all before.

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