Abstract: Sign Language, Education, and the making of Deaf Identity

Language brings people together into the same community, builds culture, and even shapes individual thought processes based on the language’s characteristics. While many groups thus are based on nationality, the Deaf community is based on their shared disability. However, the stereotypical views towards people with disabilities in general often leave Deaf children under efforts to change “normal,” especially considering that 90% of Deaf children are born under hearing parents. Deaf and hard of hearing individuals struggle with a lack of communication with others during adolescence, an important time at which everyone reestablishes identity and shapes community through interaction with others. The feeling of exclusion from both the hearing and Deaf groups leave Deaf students with the absence of any sort of belonging. The purpose of this study is to understand what truly matters to Deaf children in developing their individual and collective identities and values, especially in terms of what schools can provide to them.

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Incorporation of Graphene Oxide into Polyurethane and acrylic polymers for enhancement against hydrolytic degradation

Hae Seong Kim

Chemistry Major

To protect from corrosion and barnacles, the hull of a ship is coated with paint.  Paint coating is a crucial protection: as a result, every year tons of paint is used to cover a great surface area of a ship as well as to reinforce its coating layers.  If the durability and lifespan of paint can be improved, then it will result in greater economic, time, and labor efficiency.

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