Analyzing Sediment Samples from Maupiti and Mo‘orea: Methods

Last week I started my summer research at VIMS, performing grain size analysis on sediment samples from the islands of Maupiti and Mo‘orea in Central East Polynesia (take a look at my abstract for more details on the specifics of the project). When I wrote that abstract at the beginning of the summer, I was planning on analyzing samples from just Maupiti. However, after taking a look at the samples that Dr. Kahn collected in 2014, we decided that in addition to analyzing the two sites on Maupiti, we would be able to look at several samples from the nearby island of Mo‘orea as well. [Read more…]

What it takes (To Get Good Data)

There are things to be said about both “field work” and “lab work.” Doing work in bacteriophage ecology, you get a taste of both. I can say that going outside to collect samples is hard, sweaty work (especially in the throes of Williamsburg swamp summer). To avoid the dangers (to me, that means ticks for the most part. *shudders*), you can work in a nice air-conditioned lab room, but you have to trade out seeing the sun. Either way, we all know that there is SO much more going on behind the scenes than what is neatly summed up in the “Methods” section of a journal article.

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Sampling in the Rain

The main goal of this experiment is to essential examine the functionality of a wet retention pond (storm water retention pond). There are many implications to the results, as discussed in the abstract. Obviously, the first step is to gather samples from the pond of interest, located in the neighborhood of Longhill Grove.

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