The Perfect Enemy: Summer Blockbusters and Civilized Evil

As I reach the halfway point of this project, I would like to record the few tenets of transcription that I’ve managed to pick up: 1. there will be things that I will not and cannot catch; 2. with every repetition, words lose their meaning until they are reduced to senseless sounds; and 3. on a good day, 10 minutes of audio will take on average 2 hours of work. The last one is a bit shocking to me because I imagined a realistic schedule as double the audio time, accounting for typing and backtracking. So a 20 minute testimony could, in theory, be completed within the hour. I suppose that’s why I felt so frantic working. I felt some sort of invisible sense of urgency pushing me to move faster. Not to mention, I spent the beginning of this week and the last trying to transcribe and translate subtitles for a documentary, which poses its own set of challenges. The repetitious and organic nature of speech doesn’t necessarily translate well into the written.

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