Traversing the travertine

My first few weeks have flown by and the June Gloom has well and truly lifted from LA. Every task and event is an opportunity to explore the site more and the great weather adds an impressive backdrop. While encountering the different departments and places onsite (and constantly getting lost), I’ve tried to pick up as much information about the Getty’s creation and the events surrounding its origin.

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A Week in the Life – Winterthur Week 5

With the end of Week 5, it’s officially the halfway point of my time with Winterthur’s curatorial department. To offer a sense of the dynamic schedule I often have, here’s a summary of the week.

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On Mondays We Catalogue – Winterthur Week 4

Life is full of many seemingly unanswerable questions.

Mysteries so vast, so expansive, and so seemingly all-encompassing that figuring out how to find their answers seems impossible.

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My first week at the Getty



I’m Helen and I’m a rising senior at St Andrews studying Art History with Classical Studies. I’ve just completed my semester abroad at W&M and I’m undertaking a Woody Museum Studies internship at the Getty Centre in LA.

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Different places, different views

A view of the reconstructed skeletons of domestic slave quarters at Montpelier, James Madison's plantation.

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