Migration, globalization, and class in Lima, Peru

I have returned to the US and my time in Peru was so wonderful that I extended my trip an extra month. The extra month gave me time to go back to the province of Pucallpa, visit other small cities of Trujillo, Chiclayo and Ica, as well as do more ethnographic study in the capitol city in Lima.

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Second on-site post: Preservation of culture and migration from the Amazon


Typical street in Pucallpa, Peru

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Sustainable Economics, Cultural Preservation, Indigenous Inequality and Ethnic Conflict-Resolution in Lima, Peru

Hi everyone!,

Im a Latin American Studies major at the College and my research project this summer involves an ethnographic study of pottery production and indigenous migration in the capitol city of Lima, Peru. I am very greatful and absolutely thrilled to have been awarded with the Charles Center Summer Research Scholarship that will allow me to visit multiple cities in Peru including remote indigenous communities to study ceramic production. I hope to learn a great deal more about the conditions that migrants from these communities must face when they move to the capitol city of Lima.

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