Seastars, Lasers, and Blue Stains

Hello! Last time I posted I was just finishing my first few trials of blastomere separations on the seastar, Evasterias. While the seastars were extremely reproductive (one female, ‘Big Mama’ gave us over 50 million eggs!), we weren’t able to perform full blastomere separations as the eggs did not develop and we lost a trial due to a seatable flooding. Female seastars are only able to spawn once in a season, so with all of the failed trials, we ran out of female Evasterias to spawn. Luckily, there is another seastar here, Pisaster ochraceous, which we could use instead of the Evasterias. Pisaster egg sizes are comparable with Evasterias eggs, and the two species have a similar development, allowing us to use Pisaster for our comparative study.

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