Week 2: Week two done too! Written 7/20

Howdy from Busan this time!

This week I had the opportunity to look into Busan Baewha School. Located in Busan, the second biggest city after Seoul, Busan Baewha school is one of the few schools that I have heard about constantly on and offline for being a prominent Deaf institution. On a side note, the school is also well known for being the first in all of South Korea to bloom cherry blossoms. Sadly there weren’t any cherry blossoms amid the summer heat when I visited, but I was welcomed by a little note that informed me of six alumnae from 99 years ago who fought against Japanese imperialism. They were recently (just last year—2018—to be exact) acknowledged as national contributors (sorry about the weird translation) when feminist organizations brought the issue up.

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Freeman Intern Fellowship #2: A Typical Day in my Hong Kong Internship (Weekdays Only)!

Hi Everyone,

I have learned so much this summer, but something I knew before and definitely had affirmed was how bad I am at blogging. Apologies for taking so long with my updates! As I’ll talk about in this post and subsequent ones, life is very busy here, and I have little time for anything besides work during the week (and thus, my weekends are spend anywhere but a computer). My summer is winding down, though, and I am finding some time to write many update posts this week on my internship, and experience, in Hong Kong.

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