It’s All in the Details: Social Class and Royal Flying Corps Recruitment Tactics

My visit to the Royal Air Force Museum definitely had a positive influence on my research. Despite researching different elements of the Royal Flying Corps for the past few years, seeing all the artifacts side-by-side in exhibitions caused me to think differently and, in a way, more intensively that ever before. One such new approach to thinking was one I discussed in my last post: postulating what the differences between McCudden’s manuscript and the final published piece. Another topic I thought about after my visit was the Royal Flying Corps different approaches in recruiting potential commissioned officers and non-commissioned officers (NCOs). In prior research, I had always seen posters and other recruiting pieces for flying officers and N.C.O.s, but I had never seen them pictured together. In a bold but interesting manner, the RAF Museum displays the different approaches to recruitment side-by-side in the Grahame-White Hangar.

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