The Intangible Assets of Brand

Moore (2003) writes on the notion exactly what constitutes brand and how brand is created by marketers and perceived by consumers. His article in the journal Language & Communication, entitled “From genericide to viral marketing: on ‘brand,'” attempts to portray brand as “an inherently unstable composite of tangible (e.g. product) and intangible (e.g. brand name) values” (331) and he makes use of a Peircean semiotic framework in order to demonstrate the ways in which this is true.

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Chimpanzees, captive primate welfare, and my summer trip to Uganda

Hello, everybody! My name is Brittany Fallon, and I am a junior Anthropology and Linguistics major at the College of William and Mary. This summer I’ll be conducting research in the Kasokwa Forest Reserve, Uganda from May until August! My time there will be spent collecting data on chimpanzee behavioral ecology for Dr. Janette Wallis (a dear friend of my adviser, Dr. Barbara King), but I will also be working on my Honors Thesis which involves welfare of captive non-human primates.

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‘Burg Sweet ‘Burg

Hello!  My name is Sarah Son, a rising senior majoring in Psychology. 

I have been fascinated by the field of psychology, nutrition, and gastronomy since I learned the value of guiding children to develop a healthy appetite from my own childhood experiences.  I am involved in Collegiate Awareness Regarding Eating Smart (CARES) on campus, which serves to raise awareness on healthy eating habit and eating disorder.  I will be working at the Eating Behavior and Child Development Center with Professor Forestell to study Flavor-Taste/Flavor-Calorie Conditioning in Children.  The project seeks to examine the behavioral learning associated with sweet taste preference. 

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