A Reflection on and Summary of my Zebrafish Research

Today as I reentered the zebrafish lab, I felt a sense of both accomplishment and victory. I had many goals coming into this summer which included producing high effort in the lab, managing my time effectively, and committing to the sometimes mundane process of research. Another one of these goals was to make a scientific impact through the finding of something different – a new test that biologists could use to test zebrafish with different types of manipulations. I am pleased with my performance over the summer as I felt I did what was necessary to be successful in research. This time, the kind of success I was striving for did not come; but with time, I believe there will be a breakthrough.

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Nothing Goes As Planned–And That’s Good

Peru is a country of surprises. Yesterday I woke up to find that my host mother had spent the night before baking me an orange cake. When I strolled into the kitchen she offered me the whole cake and a mugful of hot chocolate. Then she pushed a candle into the top of the cake and lit it. Admittedly, it was my 21st birthday, and this was certainly not the most unexpected thing that had happened in the kitchen. The night before the solstice I came home at 9 pm to be dragged into the kitchen and urged to participate in a session with a clairvoyant. He happened to be both a family friend and a ghost hunter whose name was the Spanish equivalent of Julius Caesar. Fortunately, I now know that I’m going to grow up to be a brilliant, successful man. What a comfort.

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Abstract: The Role of Pharmacological Agents and Neurotransmitters on Risky Reward Decisions by Rats

Hi Everyone!

My name is Austin Tapp and I am a sophomore at the College.  This is my second summer conducting research for the Neuroscience Department and I can’t wait to continue my work from this past year!  My research will continue to focus on the study of probability discounting and the extent to which individuals discount risky reward, specifically when exposed to different concentrations of pharmacological agents and neurotransmitters.

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