Spectrometer Data Collection

Hello again!  I hope everyone has had a wonderful summer filled with exciting research opportunities.  As it’s been a while since my last post (though my next one will be coming up very shortly)  I wanted to give everyone a refresher on my research this summer and then I’ll detail my data collection.  I’m in Dr. Cristol’s lab working on the effects of differential timing and duration of mercury exposure on beak redness in zebra finches.  What this means is that I use a device called a spectrometer to measure the reflected color from the beaks of our zebra finch colony.

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Woody Internship at the Getty: Blog 7

Return of Friday Flights and Saturdays Off the 405

I’ve decided to lump all of July’s Friday Flights and SOT405 into one post, rather than include them in my roughly weekly blogs so that I can reflect on my experience of working these big public program events all at one time since I won’t be around for the August ones.

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Summer Research Conclusion Post

Hello everyone!

It’s crazy that the summer is already over – it feels like it just started!  Overall, I had a great summer and I’m grateful for the opportunity to be in a lab doing research as just a rising sophomore.  I know that I’ve learned lots of different and useful laboratory techniques that will benefit me tremendously in the future.

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That’s a wrap!

Hi everyone!

Wow, what a summer it’s been! I’ve had some amazing times in Young lab this year, both in terms of research as well as with the people that stayed this summer.

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Summer Update #3

Hey guys!

Today was a great day in lab even though we said bye to yet another lab member. I felt that it was very productive and a time well-spent (as is everyday, of course…). Today consisted of reaching a good stopping point for my projects, as well as cleaning and re-stocking most things for the lab. We stacked tips, cleaned the counters, made more antibiotics, and washed glassware so that everything is ready to go for the beginning of fall semester.

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