Thesis Outline and Future Direction

Below you’ll find my articulated direction for my thesis for the remainder of the year!

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Dictionaries v Expert Testimony

Chris Hutton, Professor of English at the University of Hong Kong, submits a number of benefits to the use of a dictionary that would be invariant (presumably) across almost all cases in his book Language, Meaning, and the Law:

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Buying into the Brand

The concept of a brand is that some of a company’s value comes not from the usefulness of its products but from all the other qualities that buyers associate with it. Nike is youth, vitality, and sexy energy. By purchasing the brand, customers participate in those qualities. Nokia is elegant and so up-to-the-minute as to be almost futuristic. Ralph Lauren’s Polo brand is languorously aristocratic – at ease, diffident, and in command. Wearing or wielding one of these brands imparts some of the same qualities to the buyer, in others’ eyes or in her own.

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