Fighting Poverty, Helping Prisoners

Poverty is a problem that has plagued all of society including the United States. This summer I plan to help research aspects of poverty in order to help Professor Christopher Howard with his book,“Helping the Poor: What We Say and What We Do.” The overarching theme of the book is to understand how the American society talks about poverty and how the government and third party organizations help to address the problem. I plan to break down my research into two parts. The first part would focus on the social service programs that are already in place to help with the problem of poverty. Furthermore, looking into how people are able to gain these programs and who is most able to gain these funds. The second part of my research would be focused on how ex-felons and their families are able to gain the social services aid from both government and non-government programs. This would include job training, mental health treatment, and substance abuse treatment for those who have been convicted of a crime. I would also like to include counseling and related support for their families into the research.