Saigon Saigon

From the ninth floor of the rooftop bar at the Caravelle hotel, I am treated to a spectacular view of Ho Chi Minh City. I’ve been here over six weeks already and have already learned more than I thought I would. In terms of medicine and HIV, Vietnam is startlingly similar to us and yet remains a world apart. Doctors here earn slightly more than $1000 US dollars a month. Everyone gets an ultrasound because that’s the equipment they have. And, as expected, every treatment prescribed is a strange mix of Western biomedicine and traditional Eastern forms of healing.

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First update from Vietnam

I’ve been here two weeks and Vietnam is better then I remembered. I started work at the HIV/AIDS clinic this week, but have also been helping out at an orphanage for children with cerebral palsy. The state of health in HCMC is pretty much what I expected, a strange combination of western medicine and local remedies all in a city that’s trying to modernize but is still stuck in the mud a bit. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of relationships I develop with the patients as I continue working.

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Getting ready

I leave for Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, in exactly five weeks and still have a lot to do.

Here’s a quick list:

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