Synthesis of Loline Alkaloids

Hello all. My name is A.J. Wright and I am a junior chemistry major at the college. This summer I will be working in the natural products synthesis lab of Professor Jonathan Scheerer. This will be a continuation of a project that I began contributing toward last summer and throughout the current academic year. I am attempting a total synthesis of loline alkaloids, which are natural compounds made by fungal endophytes that live in certain types of grass. These are of human interest because they have insecticidal, insect anti-feedant, and other functional properties. Providing an efficient synthetic route of these compounds could have huge implications for agriculture, albeit such progress is decades away. We also hope to gain more knowledge of the mechanism by which they are produced in the fungus. To this end, we plan to synthesize a potential biological intermediate and provide it to colleagues who are investigating loline biosynthesis.

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