A Public Opinion Riddle of Sorts

I have spent the past couple days toying with my introduction. Earlier in my research, and even through most of the middle stages, I definitely sidelined the planning for my intro to focus on devising a plan for data analysis in the statistics program I’m using, called R. I had reasoned that learning how to code in R would be a a handful, and would take up most of my time. I was not wrong, since I just spent several days figuring out how to find the perfect x and y coordinates to position my legend in a proper spot in my bar plots. But the trials and tribulations of ┬ádata analysis in R are for another day. For now, I would like to present a short narrative on the origins of the theory my study is testing. I developed the narrative throughout my literature review — it reads like a public opinion riddle (of sorts). See if you can solve it before my next update:

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