Linear Algebra and Cupcakes

I’ve been here in Williamsburg for almost two weeks. I arrived last Tuesday. There was no easing into the research experience. We jumped right into learning techniques from linear algebra and differential equations that would help us explore and better understand the model we’ve been working with. I worked on this project during the last semester (meeting only twice a week rather than every day), but the amount of progress we have made and math I been exposed to just in these two weeks has already surpassed what we accomplished.

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Mortality Term in Zooplankton Models

My name is Kate Shipman, and I’m a rising sophomore. I began working on this project in the spring semester. My project looks at quantifying the importance of the mortality term in zooplankton models. Studying the population dynamics of zooplankton is essential, because zooplankton are the main consumer of phytoplankton and are an important connection to the rest of the marine food web.  Zooplankton are at the bottom of the food chain, so the dynamics of their populations affect the dynamics of higher trophic level organisms.  I’m excited to have this opportunity to continue my work on this project.