Entering September

Research is a process, writing is a process, honors thesis is a process…. Meet with your advisor!!

So I am back at WM full steam (and I must say after eight months abroad it feels like quite the challenge).  I kept feeling like I was behind, behind, behind.  But then I remembered that in my proposal for my thesis (and summer funding) I wrote a timeline.  I had spent the time (way back when) making an achievable plan…. So I stopped for a moment and looked at it.  And you know what, not only did I remember how many times I planned on meeting with my advisor (which I did today) but I realized I am right on track, maybe even a little ahead.

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Painting in Volochok

Our first two weeks in Volochok we spent painting – in the morning, midday and evening, which during summer lasts until eleven when the sun finally sets. Our focus was on short etudes in oil – from life. For the most part we painted landscapes – in fields, on river banks and in the woods surrounding the dacha. As a general introduction to what’s involved in a typical day out painting, here’s a short list of essential Russian art vocabulary:

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