Summer Research Summary 2010

Exploring Discipline Strategies in Middle Schools

School discipline is designed to address schoolwide, classroom, and individual student needs through broad prevention, targeted intervention, and development of self-discipline (Osher, Bear, Sprague & Doyle, 2004). The administration has an obligation to teachers to respond to disruptive students who cause disorder in teachers’ classrooms. Schools endure a number of challenges that are directly related to disruptive behavior as it interferes with learning, diverts administrative time, and contributes to teacher burnout (Byrne,1999; Kendziora & Osher, 2009).

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Research Summary September 2010

This summer afforded me an excellent opportunity to begin research on my Honors Thesis from May through August. I had the opportunity to stay at William & Mary and have frequent meetings with my primary thesis adviser, Dr. Anne H. Charity Hudley, and access the variety of resources provided by both Swem Library and the Law Library.

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