Research Summary

This summer, I completed research for my Anthropology senior honors thesis entitled Learning and Living on the Chesapeake Bay: Education and Issues of Conservation, Economy, and Community in Guinea, Virginia.  I began by getting a sense of the physical boundaries of the Guinea community, located in Gloucester County, by driving around the area.  I conducted research on the lifestyles of the people and the ecology of the surrounding waters.  I also volunteered as a counselor at the Watermen’s Museum (located in Yorktown, Virginia, across the river form Guinea) Pirate Camp.  I decided to contribute half a day each week to the camp in order to learn more about the science and people of the Bay.  As such, my duty was to teach elementary school children the basics of blue crab anatomy, how the crabs are harvested, and the concept of a sustainable harvest.  In addition to learning about blue crabs, one of the key species harvested in the Chesapeake Bay, volunteering at the museum allowed me to tour the exhibits describing the past, present, and potential future of the watermen’s way of life.

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