Study in Microtonality and Lutherie – five

I’ve done very little in the past few months on the account of very heavy illness. Poor health has dragged me down since I began my work, but I have been so sluggish in the past three or four months that I have fallen far, far behind schedule. Yet, to my benefit, there seems to have been a huge margin of error in my estimation of how much time I needed to do my work. To compensate for my tardiness, I have worked very hard over the Christmas holidays to catch up. By no means is my health up to snuff, but I am well enough to get busy. Over the next seven or eight weeks, I will be posting regular catch-ups and updates to this blog. However, the posts will primarily consist of photographs and captions, rather than the usual detailed text; to elaborate on the specifics of the work is neither necessary, nor easy. (I am trying, understand, to make these posts less formal. It takes me a long time to type these up.) I made a few small promises in previous posts and I will try to fulfill these as well. Photos later this week.