The Return

I have returned to school and am ending a brief interim I had taken in Thesis work.  From approximately my birthday (mid-January – towards the end of the break) until this past Tuesday, when I first met with my Thesis Advisor since being back, I have not looked at any Thesis related materials. Yet, right before my meeting with my advisor I finally re-opened my Thesis word document to refresh myself on my most pressing questions. I had been dreading the return to Thesis work and before I took my half-month pause I had been feeling as though I had sort of reached a wall. I had 30 some pages, including an outline of the majority of the piece as well as some more fully written sections, but (and I feel I am reporting fear and anxiety all too often in this blog) I worried about how to fill in the missing bits and chunks and about the strength of the parts I had fully drafted. Anyway, I think undergraduate Theses are an exercise in enacting the mantra “keep calm and carry on.”

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