Pygmy Marmosets and Coregulation

Well, not only will this summer be my first time doing real research, it will also be my first time regularly blogging. Hopefully both will end up being fruitful and insightful, though I’m secretly harboring doubts. If all goes well, by the end of my study I will be able to show in a rigorous and quantifiable way that pygmy marmosets engage in at least one form of coregulation.  Coregulation is a specific type of social behavior in which participants make mutual adjustments to the contingency and unpredictability of the interaction.  I first became aware of coregulation after reading Professor Barbara King’s Dynamic Dance which looked at the negotiated meaning-making that occurred between gorillas at the National Zoo in terms of gestures. Most of the work and theory related to coregulation has been focused on understanding and negotiating meaning, but it can extend to more physical interactions as well.

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