Analyzing the Link Between Immigration and Crime Levels in the United States

Hello Everyone!

My name is Lauren McAuliffe, and I am currently a rising senior at the College. I am pursuing a double major in Sociology and Hispanic Studies with a particular interest in migration studies. Throughout my academic career at William and Mary, I have become increasingly interested with data that demonstrate how immigrant communities are effectively lowering crime rates. Through their capacity to reinvest “social capital” (as defined by Robert Putnam in Bowling Alone: the Collapse and Revival of American Community) in underserved communities across the country, immigrant enclaves are having a positive impact on American society.

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Archaeology on Bermuda

I landed on Bermuda yesterday afternoon and spent the better part of the evening exploring the house where I’m staying. I’m housesitting for some friends, and Pomegranate (the name of the house) looks right out over the south shore of Bermuda. It’s absolutely beautiful this time of year.

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