Archaeology on Bermuda

I landed on Bermuda yesterday afternoon and spent the better part of the evening exploring the house where I’m staying. I’m housesitting for some friends, and Pomegranate (the name of the house) looks right out over the south shore of Bermuda. It’s absolutely beautiful this time of year.

Today I went down to the Bermuda National Trust’s (BNT) archaeology lab in St. George’s, the old colonial capitol city. The artifacts I’ll be analyzing this summer are housed in the lab’s storage space, which is brimming with Hollinger boxes full of artifacts from archaeological sites throughout the island. Today I reviewed the ceramic type collection in the lab, and tomorrow I’ll meet with a member of the BNT’s Archaeological Research Committee for an orientation of the lab and a review of lab rules and regulations. I’m very much looking forward to really getting started on my project, but don’t want to do anything in the lab until after tomorrow’s meeting. Tonight I’m going to review the relevant research I’ve been reading in preparation for my summer project, and hopefully be able to find some new sources. Later this week I’ll visit the national archives and the local library for additional information about the site. All told, I’m looking forward to a great eight weeks on the island.


  1. This sounds so cool! I don’t have much experience at all with archeology or anthropology, so I’d really be interested to learn about the procedural requirements for work in this field. P.S. Are you an archaeology major now? Keeping up with your French at all?