New directions

Shell with drilled hole

An artifact from the Stewart Hall collection.

I met with the Archaeology Research Committee of the Bermuda National Trust on Saturday and presented to them the work that I’ve been doing in their lab since I arrived in May. The presentation was well received, and the committee members provided me with some helpful ideas and suggestions about research resources in my next steps forward in my project. Though I had to admit to them that ceramics had not proved to be as helpful or indicative as I had hoped in my initial project proposal, they were excited to hear that other types of artifacts in the collection hold promise. In particular, beads and pipe bowls have become artifacts of specific interest in my project. One of the committee members is a curator at the Bermuda National Museum, and she was particularly enthusiastic about my newfound interest in beads. As luck would have it, the museum holds a collection of beads from colonial slave ships, and I have been invited to look through the collection for comparative purposes with my own beads. With the encouragement of the Archaeological Research Committee, I am feeling much more certain about the new directions of my research project.