Week 2 in the CBL was my first week actually spent full time in the lab. I’ve been spending a significant amount of time with Virtual Cell- tutorials and diffusion simulations. My goal is to be able to break down my project and figure out how to make it work with VCell. If not, I’ll just have to use Matlab, which according to Greg wouldn’t be the end of the world.

Cold Spring Harbor is coming up soon! We got more details of what to expect when we go up there. Basically it is an intensive summer school program in computational biology. For me, it will be really helpful to meet experts in VCell. It will also be great to have more exposure to the field.
Kiah, another girl in my lab, presented her project to us, which was neat. She has been working on her project for awhile now and has some really great results. She also gave me a Matlab tutorial, which was extremely helpful and kind.
Through CSUMS, I learned about LaTeX and Beamer. I also attended another Matlab tutorial. By now, I feel like have a good grasp on it and feel much more comfortable with the program.
I’ve also been reading a ton of papers to get a handle on my specific project. There is at least 15 years worth of information to catch up on.
I attended another professors lab meeting which was interesting. We read a paper before hand and then one person in the group presented it and we discussed it. It was a nice change of topic since it was about population network dynamics and the spread of epidemics. I think that I would enjoy spending more time learning about epidemiology in the future.
Mostly, I’ve been working on my CSUMS presentation. I have to present with 2 other people in my lab on Thursday to the CSUMS group. I’m a little nervous, but I’m really proud of my first LaTex presentation.
I’m looking forward to CSH and all that is to come in the next few weeks.