Girolama Bui and the P7 gene!

Pre-Departure Adventures and Nitty-Gritty Details

The last two weeks have literally been two of the most busy and exciting weeks of my life, so much so, that I’m almost surprised that 75% of that excitement is research-based. I’m currently writing from St. Petersburg, Russia, where I’ve finally settled into an exquisite home-stay apartment; however, in the past two weeks, I have spent serious time at home, in New Jersey, visiting the Zimmerli Museum at Rutgers University, and in Vilnius, Lithuania. This blog post, in the interest of saving myself time and sanity, will focus on the end of my stay in the states and what strides I was able to make in my research pre-departure.

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Kiss meiosis; when good sperm goes bad

Hi guys,

Over the past three weeks, we’ve been making fairly good progress in Dr. Shakes’ lab. I have been brushing up on some of the techniques and protocols used in cellular biology, I’ve been growing up a healthy strain of worms, and have been reading some of the scientific literature related to my topic.

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