What exactly is Coregulation?

I get asked that question whenever I’m explaining my project so here it is for all my blog readers.

If I asked you to list all the communicative acts, it might start out relatively easy. Of course, you would include conversation and writing. Songs, grunts, and grimaces would also go in, and we could agree on a large number of other gestures from O.K signs, to pointing, to blank stares of disinterest. We could even come up with rules to distinguish between acts which are communicative and those that might only appear as such. For instance, we would agree that someone someone bumping into you because they do not see you is non-communicative while someone bumping into you in order to get you to move out their way would be rude, but communicative.

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Hitting my stride…

Good afternoon,

First and foremost, I would like to THANK all sponsors of the program and the Charles Center, in particular, for this experience.  I AM HAVING A GREAT TIME.

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