Hitting my stride…

Good afternoon,

First and foremost, I would like to THANK all sponsors of the program and the Charles Center, in particular, for this experience.  I AM HAVING A GREAT TIME.

Over the past month, my primary goal was synthesis.  Before Hg-Sensor construction begins we needed to manufacture more dye-derivatives with the appropriate functionalities.  Naturally following synthesis was the purification of those derivatives.  This ensures our results are accurate and reproducible.  The removal of impurities is crucial to determining the effectiveness of the Hg Sensor once it is created. Utilizing various techniques (.i.e recrystallization, hot/cold filtration) we constructed, revised and reorganized our strategies for optimal results.  We will continue to draft varying methods in product refinement until we believe we can progress to the next step in the Hg Sensor production.

With Thanks,