Citizenship, Consent, and the Undocumented Immigrant

Hello everyone,

In the last installment, I discussed consent as it pertains to young migrants entering a new state. Despite the United States’ physical and legal hurdles for immigrants, as well as the bitter anti-immigrant sentiment (which has been amplified by the economic downturn and the ubiquitous manifestations of the War on Terror), immigrants continue to make the treacherous journey, enter the United States, and establish new lives for themselves.  However, children present an interesting dilemma. Previously, I suggested that rationality was superfluous, as children do not possess this faculty until they have reached the elusive “Age of Reason,” and the form of consent of children when choosing to cross an international border is irrelevant. This is because, whether they are mature for their age and aware or very young and naïve, if the motivation to join a new community combined with a right and/or the ability to traverse borders exists, people will naturally do so.

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