Major Sperm Protein: life at the leading edge


The main goal of an activated spermatid is to get in touch with an oocyte and deliver a haploid nucleus to it (fertilization). How this fertilization is done is beyond the scope of our lab’s work. The diagram below (L’Hernault, 2009) outlines well what we’re focusing on, the steps prior to fertilization.

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Noble Sentiments in Paris

I’ve been doing a lot more thinking about the dilemmas of local ownership, particularly after delving deeper into the planning for our paper. One thing has become abundantly clear: we can drive ourselves crazy with the circular logic of the issue. Handicapping a community’s capacity to govern itself is undoubtedly a major drawback of deep, comprehensive local aid. Yet, pouring money into an opaque and corrupt system is out of the question. Yet, instead of pulling my hair out over this, I decided to have a look at steps the international community has taken to address the issue.

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The Need for Flexibility and Adaptability in Research

When I first posted on this blog, I was expecting to start working with our survey data in mid-June, but as I have now found out again, things don’t always go as planned. With Professor Rapoport, as well as with Justin DBK and Ani-Rae Lovell, we have created a survey that will be sent out to Tea Party Movement members and supporters of the multiple TP organizations. Rapoport was able to obtain a good contact within the TP, which we were going to use to send out the survey from the Tea Party Express headquarters, likely increasing our response rate of the survey due to the legitimacy of this TP organization. However, this connection proved difficult to obtain due to the long chain of people involved, and the necessary timing of our survey. We will now send out the survey as soon as possible through another TP organization, Tea Party Nation. In the meantime, Rapoport has received the data set for a survey in which he participated, which included over 45,000 respondents. This survey included a couple of TP questions, from which I will analyze the data and draw conclusions about political activity in the TP Movement based off of past political involvement in the Republican party, for example, with Perot in 1992.

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