Finally the data came!

Yeah! The data finally came. After getting lost in the post office for over a week, the Florida inpatient and outpatient data for 2009 and 2010 finally came. Today I created all the counts and collapsed it on individual doctors (instead of each patient). Once I append it to the other years and merge it with all the controls, Prof He and Mello’s data will be finished and I can start working on my project fully.  The final panels will have the top five counties, hospitals, diagnosis, prognosis, and procedures for each attending doctor, operating doctor, and hospital for the inpatient and outpatient data.  I can’t wait until it is time to do regressions!


  1. Bummer that it took so long, but congrats on finally getting the data! Hope you’ve still got time to do some stuff with it before school starts back up.