Ground Truthing and Staying Cool

It has been HOT in the past few days and our Riparian buffer crew has been out in the field for some of them.  On Thursday and Friday we “ground truthed” the existence of channels as predicted by my partner’s GIS, geographic information systems, work.  This essentially entailed walking around a farm field and seeing if channels on the map she created matched up with real channels on the field.  We distinguished channels into four main categories.  Type 1 channels had evident flow patterns, with leaves swept away in the flow paths.  On the other end of the spectrum, type 4 channels were heavily incised, meaning that they had eroded significantly into their flow path.

Well, my summer research is quickly coming to a close, however, there is still much to be done for my thesis.  In that vein, I’m putting together a document that includes major findings from the summer, a few good figures, and plans for what still needs to be done.  I’ll post that as my last blog entry. Until next time, ciao faithful readers,