A Few Graphs and Plans for the Future


So I’m going to be pretty bland on this last post and just give y’all a bit of summary of the things that I’ve done this summer and what still needs to be done for my thesis.

Tasks Completed During the Summer

– New rating curves for June and Sept 2010 storms to calculate

– Calculated Actual Measured Fluxes for June, Sept, & April storms

– Calculated Average Fluxes for June, Sept, & April storms

– Calculated hydrology metrics for June, Sept, & April storms

– July Storm samples collected, filtered for suspended sediment, run for Dissolved Phosphorus, and run in the IC for Anions

– Began relationship with farmer (through Lyndsey’s ground truthing project)

– Normalized graph of metrics from each storm, concentration on the first y-axis, time on the x-axis, and discharge on the second y-axis.

Future Plans

– Add sources of error, references to past studies, and explanation behind steps to methods

– Create a chart with three flux types. Actual Measured Flux, Actual Measured Flux w/ Interpolation (AMF+ values between samples interpolated), Actual Measured Flux w/ Interpolation & Extrapolation (AMF + values between samples & outside of samples)

– % Runoff for each storm

– IC cations run for July storm

-Rating Curves for July storm

– Total Phosphorus using filters for April and July Storms

– Area of reference watershed

(Installing our gauging station out at the farm site last summer)

Well, hope y’all have enjoyed this list of tasks that have been down and have yet to be done.  That about sums up the summer, hope y’all had fun and ciao faithful readers,