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Hello Desmarie again,

Of all the lessons I’ve learned during my time as an experimenter, the idea that research is constant, vigil editing proves to be the most important.  It is nit-picking and at many times frustrating.  But I cannot complain much since I willingly selected myself to pursue further endeavors in the field.   And in my time so far I have attained numerous skills propelling my hopes of becoming a proficient researcher therefore the nit-picking and the obsessing and the frustration pays off.

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S.O.M.O.S in Paraiso, DR- The Primary Findings

As I left from Bolivia to start off my summer work in Dominican Republic, I had a bunch of feelings running through me. The work myself and two other SOMOS (Student Organization for Medical Outreach and Sustainability) members (Bruce Pfirrmann ’13 and JoAnna Weeks ’13) were about to start was a big change for our student organization. We were moving away from the various interviews and GPS layouts we have done in the small community on the outskirts of Villa Mella zone of the Dominican Republic that we’ve been working with for the last seven years; and moving towards what is hopefully forming a contract for the next 4-5 in the future. This contract will not only outline the relationship of SOMOS with the community, but also contain 3-5 goals, ideas, and/or projects that the whole community and SOMOS members both agree to work towards to improve health in the community.

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