The Change-Up

Good afternoon,

I am not a fast worker.   Not for academics nor for research.  Thank God, however, that multitasking does not require speed.

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Coming to an end

Hello all! Here are just a few updates with where I am at in Dr. Forsyth’s lab! Coming into lab this summer, I originally expected to be working more with another student on an algae biofuel project. However, with Stephen’s master’s defense coming at the end of the summer, he needed as much help as he could get. I have been working with Stephen on this project for 2 years now and it has been an incredible opportunity to learn molecular techniques and have the chance to collaborate with different faculty members. It has been really interesting learning how to apply molecular techniques learned about in class to a bigger picture – a potential emerging disease within the Chesapeake Bay.

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At-Risk Kids + Shelter Dogs = One Interesting Sharpe Project

Miley is a pit-bull type (there is no such thing as a "pit-bull" breed) from the Heritage Humane Society - she was being trained in the Teen Trainers Program. Her sweet disposition and intelligence made her excel in training. During training classes, she failed to fit in the typical pit-bull stereotype of being a mean and dangerous dog. Unfortunately, this stereotype often discourages people from adopting a wonderful dog like Miley.

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