Final post

After a summer of researching the Tea Party and analyzing survey results, I am glad to have made significant progress on my final product; a short yet comprehensive paper with literature on the TP as well as survey data and research from other sources. One of the most valuable things I learned about research is that you should not be afraid to ask for outside help or advice. In my recent experience, I found that other researchers are flattered and more than happy to discuss their findings as well as my own research. Although it was intimidating to send out emails to strangers, it was definitely worth it to not only obtain other information but also to meet people with similar interests from across the country. As I blogged about earlier this summer, the ability to be flexible when it comes to changing and adapting projects is essential in social sciences research. With so many variables (such as various people and current events) that can change or even throw off a project, I found it essential to my research to not only be willing to adapt but also willing to be creative and to think of more aspects to add to my project individually. As I wait for final survey results to come in and to receive more responses from other TP researchers, I am going to work on generalizing my collected research to political movements in general so that it is more widely applicable. Finally, I would like to thank the Charles Center and the W&M Parents Association for the opportunity to continue research on the Tea Party Movement and survey analysis as well as for the opportunity to work with a faculty member, Professor Rapoport of the Government Department.


  1. lkfunkhouser says:

    Hi Meredith,

    I’m not sure what your plans are following W&M but I think that it’s great you have learned so much about the research process! Being open to changes throughout working on a research endeavor makes for the best project possible, and for a better researcher in the end. Best of luck to you, your project sounds great,