S.O.M.O.S in Paraiso- Block C meeting

Only July 20th, Walked house to house to talk with each household in Block C, explaining the same concepts we used for Block D. At the same time, we handed out invitations to La Reunion de Bloque C which contained similar information on Block D’s invitation, but specific for Block C’s section of the community. Rather than being a public place like La Gallera (location for Block D’s meeting), the location chosen by community members was in front of community members house, which social network and members themselves described as someone influential and fights for the community.

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Literary Theory

Hi all,

One of the nice parts about my research experience was being able to delve into areas of interest that I had wanted to learn more about but never found the time to do so. Since coming to college, I have developed a fascination for literary theory; however, not having room to take English or LCST courses with my classics and chemistry curricula, I haven’t really been able to learn about it except in spare time and reading. Over the summer, then, I realized that I had the perfect opportunity to read about it and get some groundwork for further study.

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S.O.M.O.S in Paraiso, DR -Block D meeting

So as the summer progressed, we have been working on invitations for the first meeting. We believed that having something physical, like an invitation, that community members would be more prone to participate in the meetings. Each invitation was written on a blank index card, which was titled with the appropriate block meeting (Block A,B,C,D Meeting) and gave information pre-established in the representatives’ meeting such as time, date, and location.

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