S.O.M.O.S En Paraiso – Block B and A meetings

So after we had the meetings with Block D and C, we went back and transcribed the notes and observations for each meeting. It is important to do this, because of the major problems that we talk about in SOMOS is the idea of maintaining continuity amongst the members and the project. Since all members of SOMOS graduate, the take a lot of valuable information, data, and knowledge with them that eventually could be lost and no use for the project’s future. So as a way to maintain continuity, not only do we code data, but we also transcribe our notes and observations and place all types of valuable information in our joint SOMOS wiki. This website is accessible to the undergraduate members, alums, and our advisor. This way, all members of this project can go back and be informed of past research and acquire the knowledge/ information already known, that way we are all on the same page and ready to work forward with the project.

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