An Honorable Tag

During second visit to Seoul Foreign School (SFS), I gave brief information on my research in front of Mrs. Wilcox classes. I felt great when I presented my research topic and such to the students. I received a greater attention from upperclassmen than lowerclassmen but this did not bother me in any ways. What only mattered was realizing that my hard work is getting paid off. A few students came to me and wished to get involve in my project. I was thrilled. At the same time, however, it got me thinking that how come some realized the worthiness of this research incentive ($5 Starbucks gift card ea.) while others did not?

After few days of making a significant progress in my project by working with few SFS students, I got an email from Mr. Park, an advisor from another school participant. Surprisingly, he invited me to share my study abroad experience with his students in the after-school session which is only offered for top-ranked students at school. In addition, he specifically requested to touch on three topics: living independent life as a student, studying with self-motivation, and my summer research project. Definitely, this invitation provided me with an honorable tag as ‘student speaker.’