Rehearsals, Costumes, and Lights

After 9 rehearsals (or 18 hours) I have finished my 10 minute and 30 second piece which will be presented at An Evening of Dance at the end of March.  All of my costumes have arrived and the look great on my dancers and truly exemplify the meaning of my choreography.  They are red and black.  The costumes are exactly what I wanted.  My costumes also took nearly 3 months to arrive, so at times I was concerned that I would not get them before the performance.

The dance, entitled The Overwrought,” is about psychological disorders with an emphasis on anxiety and stress.  The piece still needs to be cleaned, but luckily I have 4 more rehearsals (or 8 hours) to do just that.  At times it was a stressful process.  My ideas didn’t always work, which was disappointing. Fortunately, my cast of dancers are great and have be patient with me as I tried to make movement work.

I am so excited that this piece is finally coming together.  This weekend I will be assigned a lighting designer, who will take my piece to the next stage.  The lighting design will further bring my choreography to life.  I can’t wait to see my movement performed in costume and on stage with the lights.  It’s always a surreal moment.

I still have 5 weeks to go until I reach that moment, but it’s nice to feel know that my hard work is starting to come together.