Utilizing GIS to Study Concentrated Flow Off Agricultural Fields in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed

Hello W&M!  My name is Sarah Young, and I am a Geology and Environmental Science Double Major here at the College.  My Honors Thesis project that I will be working on this summer and next year revolves around the problems associated with agricultural runoff bypassing riparian buffers, allowing excess nutrients into the already unhealthy Chesapeake Bay.  I am so excited to embark on this journey and begin my research with Professor Greg Hancock of the Geology Department.  Many thanks to Professor Hancock, the Charles Center, the Theresa W. Long and Emil L. Hanzevack Faculty/Student Research Endowment, and everyone who has contributed to my Honors research via the W&M website.  I would not have been able to do this without your generous assistance.  I’d also like to recognize Lyndsey Funkhouser, who recently defended her Honors Thesis on riparian buffer bypass and has helped me in crafting a project that would expand on her own.

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Retracing Steps – Investigating Austrian Industrial Finance, 1870 – 1913

Hello, my name is Yik Fei Ko (Yik Fei is my first name). My hometown is Hong Kong. I am a freshman studying International Relations and Economics. I am also a member of the first cohort of William and Mary – St. Andrews Joint Degree Program. My research project this summer is on the relationship between finance and industrialization in Austria between 1870 and 1913.

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Research on Angelman Syndrome

Hello all!

My name is Sophie Cohen and I am honored to receive one of the Chappell Fellowships. I am 6 days away from finishing my sophomore year at the College!! After all of my exams, I am going to go back home to Scottsdale, Arizona for a few weeks, before coming back to Williamsburg to conduct research. I am a Neuroscience Major and am going to try to complete a Hispanic Studies Minor.

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Educating Lemon: The Bray School

Hello there! My name is Sarah Marcellin, and I am a junior (soon to be senior, what?!) at the College of William and Mary. I am a history major, and dual enrolled as an undergrad with William and Mary’s School of Education in the secondary education program. I was thrilled—and a little shocked, since I’m a bit of a research novice– to receive a scholarship through the Dewey Renick Memorial Fund and the Charles Center, which will set me on my way to doing research with the Lemon Project this summer. Though the sum total of my experience with primary sources adds up to one course, when I think of this project I feel just like a child on their birthday, waiting to unwrap the endless brightly colored presents history has to offer.

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Sustainable Economics, Cultural Preservation, Indigenous Inequality and Ethnic Conflict-Resolution in Lima, Peru

Hi everyone!,

Im a Latin American Studies major at the College and my research project this summer involves an ethnographic study of pottery production and indigenous migration in the capitol city of Lima, Peru. I am very greatful and absolutely thrilled to have been awarded with the Charles Center Summer Research Scholarship that will allow me to visit multiple cities in Peru including remote indigenous communities to study ceramic production. I hope to learn a great deal more about the conditions that migrants from these communities must face when they move to the capitol city of Lima.

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