Gathering info

I have spent a whole lot of time looking through newspaper articles. I’m glad that a lot of historical newspaper databases are available online and that I can search for key words to find the articles pertinent to my research. However, some of the search engines are not that helpful and give me results that are completely irrelevant. Despite the wonderful invention of the search engine, I still have to spend time sifting through articles to see what I can include in my notes.

I have sorted all of the information I have gathered in chronological order. I have written my notes and the quotes that I will include in paragraph form because I think that it will facilitate the process of writing my paper. I am satisfied with the amount of information that I have gathered so far. The information I have gathered is not complete by any means and I  need to go to Special Collections to fill up the holes. I have never visited Swem’s Special Collections so hopefully that goes well. I have read the rules and regulations of using the resources, and there are quite a few. I didn’t know the process required me to have an Id on hand, that I had to leave all of my items in a locker except for what I will use to take notes, and that I have to sign so many forms. I’m sure the process is a lot simpler than I anticipate. I’m going tomorrow so here’s to hoping that I don’t damage some old documents and that I’ll find everything I need in a timely manner.