Answers only lead to more questions

I have finally been to Special Collections. It was extremely helpful. When searching through newspaper archives I could not find records on some individuals. Fortunately, I found detailed records of them in the library. However what often occurs when uncovering information is that one discovers that there is still much one does not know. For every answer found ten more questions arise. However by continuing my search I have found answers to the new questions. All it takes is diligence and determination.

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ABC easy as 123, what about CDF?


So after one week I have completed my data collection by 102 blinking traces of Rhodamine B on TiO2 single molecules. I have been analyzing the blinking data with a MATLAB using a CPD code. Just as reminder, blinking is the when a molecule jumps between fluorescent and non fluorescent states. This code uses a change point detection logarithm, and determines the number of significantly different intensity states, what the intensity states are and whether or not they are ‘on’ or ‘off’. A state is on/off if it is above/below a threshold, which is also determined by the program. After working up the data, 102 molecules has resulted in 1002 on segments and 246 off segments. Now how do we analyze this?

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