Be the change

While I was off splunking through Central America on the WM Social Entrepreneurship Study Abroad Program, Professor Kaup was hard at work (I assume) doing a feasibility assessment on our project. Using a fairly large sample size of ~150 cases (out of 225+), the initial analysis suggest that some variables of interest have little to no statistical effect on our DV, that is, whether or not a power plant is/was constructed. The only variable that seemed to have an effect was the number of jobs a plant would create, although that relationship was weak. Suffice it to say, we’re in a bit of a pickle, at least in regards to our original method. As such, Professor Kaup and I have decided to approach our project from a different angle.

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Let’s Start at the Very Beginning

As anyone who’s done a research project knows, research doesn’t begin at the data collection. A chemist doesn’t just put a chemical in a beaker and watch it turn blue, and an archaeologist doesn’t start digging haphazardly hoping something comes up. A foundation has to be laid of other researchers’ related findings, ideas of what you hope to find and what that means for the subject area at large, and finally, a plan of how exactly you plan to execute your research. Because of this, in the weeks before finals and my return to campus, I read hundreds of pages of recent studies and filled the margins with ideas and questions. I was excited because though many people were interested in what I’m studying, no one has performed the exact experiment I had proposed to the Charles Center (which means the findings will hopefully be filled with new information).

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Little Ambassadors: No news is not always good news

Hello again –

I’ve been in London for a little over a month now and can safely say that I’ve adjusted to life across the pond.  I’ve experienced rain, watched the Jubilee river pageant and a cricket match, and seen some more buildings by our beloved Christopher Wren (none of which come close to rivaling the Wren building, of course!).  The reason I’m in London, though, is for research and my research is, unfortunately, not going as well I would have liked.

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