I have been in Barbados now since the third of July. Since that time I have not had much of a chance to roam around the countryside and identify clay sources. The initial plan in the collection of my data was dependent on the discovery of the clay sources used by present day potters in the Chalky Mount area of Barbados. After a discussion with Professor Smith, we decided that it would prove to be difficult to find the actual sources on the island. The difficulty mainly arises in the time commitment that would be required each day to gather information on the location of the sources through interviews of potters, as well as the further time needed to locate and collect clay from the sources. After some thought, it was decided that an alternative approach would prove to be more fruitful. Instead of finding the clay sources myself, I now plan to collect samples from the potters themselves. These samples would derive from either: raw clay from the source collected by the potters; or the collection of “waster” pots from the potters. During the manufacture of pottery many ceramics are destroyed due to various variables such as: imperfections (e.g. air pockets) in the structure of the ceramic leading to a failure of the structural integrity of the pot; human error when handling the pottery leading to a breaking of the ceramic; and over-heating of the ceramic due to the placement of the ceramic within the kiln leading to excess heating of the ceramic and the subsequent cracking of the ceramic.

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Getting Off The Ground

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to blog about the progress were making in the social Cognition Lab. I have been trained by Prof. Dickter and some of the other volunteers that have done the studies before. After a shadowing one of the other research assistants a couple times I have started to run participants on my own.  Initially we were worried about getting enough participants for each of our studies, especially our study that is race specific; but after putting flyers around campus we seem to be getting a steady turn out.  Majority of the participants have been great to work with and generally seem interested in helping out as best they can and the money probably doesn’t hurt either. Along with working in our lab I am also helping out in another lab focusing on political expectancy. I have learned how to use EEG on participants which will be great experience for future research. Hope everyone else’s research is going well!

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