The Hard Work is Paying Off

I made cupcakes again.  I call them Brownie Cupcakes with Chocolate Peanut Butter Frosting.  And they were delicious!  Don’t worry, I’ve attached the recipe: Brownie Cupcakes with Chocolate Peanut Butter Frosting

Today, we got to meet with one of the collaborators from VIMS.  My advisors and two professors at VIMS are submitting a NSF grant proposal in August, so we shared what we have done so far in hopes that it would be useful in the proposal.  It looks like some of the results we have regarding the sensitivities of the parameters in the full zooplankton model, and a figure showing the condensed models that we created will be included in the proposal.  This is really exciting, because my partner’s name and my name will also be included in the proposal giving us credit for the work.  If the project is funded, we could get paid to come back next summer to continue working.

This week we’ve wrapping up some of our research, because I’m leaving at the end of next week to go back home.  We have to start writing up what we’ve been doing in the last few weeks and adding them to our already existing document, but we have managed to play with adding predation and competition to at least the condensed 4-stage version of the model.  We haven’t found something that works as well as we want if to yet.  It has been tricky trying to get the parameters just right, so that the zooplankton reaches a non-zero steady state.

We also done some work with interval analysis, trying to figure how large of an error bound we can have on a parameter and still make the same conclusions about the long-term behavior.  Basically, we make a specific parameter an interval with the true value in the middle and see how wide that interval can be without changing the sign of the eigenvalue.  We wrote a MATLAB code that finds the radius of the interval numerically and plots it as a function of temperature.  One of these figures may also be included in the upcoming proposal.