Nearing the end!

Hey everyone,

Data analysis is going great. Prof D. is teaching me how to clean the data we collected from Dot Probe Familiarity 1. I am becoming very familiar with Qualtrics and SPSS, which will be great for future research endeavors. Also, we are still getting a steady amount of participants for Dot Probe 9 and Dot Probe Familiarity 2. We only need about 10 more participants in DPF2 so hopefully we can begin data analysis on that study soon!  When we finish DPF2 we we start running particpants in DZot Probe Familiarity 3. Also as soon as the Charles Center has money again I will be applying for another award so that we can have more money to pay participants with. All seems to be going smoothly, hope everyone is having a great week.

Scott Brewington